Jaroslaw Sikora

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A theoretical framework has been developed for analysis of the interaction betweenParamecium bursaria and a glass surface. Adhesion to and detachment from a solid substrate were considered in the model as transitions between alternative states in cell behavior: (a) swimming, and (b) motionless (positive thigmotactic) state. According to the model and(More)
The implementation of a non-linear combination of two reference voltages to control the anode voltage in the previously described biasing system of an electron source with a hot cathode allows elimination of the correlation between the emission current and the accelerating voltage. The presented system is highly suitable for applications in electron-impact(More)
A new method of monitoring the luminosity has been developed at CESR. The method involves shaking one bunch at a speciic frequency and observing the resulting oscillations of the corresponding opposing bunch. In initial tests, measurements with 1% accuracy have been obtained in 1 second. Measurements of diierent bunches in a train shows bunch to bunch(More)
The reported digital thermionic emission current controllers use floating voltage sources which produce noise current and consequently decrease the quality of an electron beam. The implementation of digital control in an electron source biasing system without floating sources gives the average value of the electron emission current standard deviation of(More)
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