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This paper describes two parallel simulated annealing algorithms for the job shop scheduling problem with the sum of job completion times criterion. Some properties of the problem associated with the block theory have been presented and discussed. These properties allow us to introduce the effective neighborhood based on the adjacent swap type moves. In(More)
In this paper we consider an NP-hard hybrid flow shop problem with machine setups and cycle-time minimization. The above issue is an important generalization of a flow-shop problem with minimization of a cycle time, and it stays in a direct relationship with a flexible job shop problem. In the hybrid problem task operations are performed by machines(More)
This paper, as well as coupled paper [2], deal with various aspects of scheduling algorithms dedicated for processing in parallel computing environments. In this paper, for the exemplary problem, namely the flow-shop scheduling problem with makespan criterion, there are proposed original methods for parallel analysis of a solution as well as a group of(More)
This paper deals with scheduling of tasks in cyclic flexible job shop scheduling problem (CFJSSP). We have proposed a new method of computing cyclic time for CFJSSP. This method is based on the known properties of the job shop problem as well as new properties of cyclic scheduling. We have developed two versions of proposed method: sequential and parallel.(More)