Jaroslaw Kutylowski

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We discuss strategies for maintaining connectivity in a system consisting of a stationary base station and a mobile explorer. For this purpose we introduce the concept of mobile relay stations, which form a chain between the base station and the explorer and forward all communication. In order to cope with the mobility of the explorer, relay stations must(More)
Consider a (robotic) explorer starting an exploration of an unknown terrain from its base station. As the explorer has only limited communication radius, it is necessary to maintain a line of robotic relay stations following the explorer, so that consecutive stations are within the communication radius of each other. This line has to start in the base(More)
We envision a scenario with robots moving on a terrain represented by a plane. A mobile robot, called explorer is connected by a communication chain to a stationary base camp. The chain is expected to pass communication messages between the explorer and the base camp. It is composed of simple, mobile robots, called relays. We are investigating strategies(More)
We consider a tree which has to be completely explored by a group of k robots, initially placed at the root. The robots are mobile and can communicate using radio devices, but the communication range is bounded. They decide based on local, partial knowledge, and exchange information gathered during the exploration. There is no central authority which knows(More)
We consider the problem of maintaining a minimum spanning tree within a graph with dynamically changing edge weights. An online algorithm is confronted with an input sequence of edge weight changes and has to choose a minimum spanning tree after each such change in the graph. The task of the algorithm is to perform as few changes in its minimum spanning(More)
We define a natural generalization of the prominent k-server problem, the k-resource problem. It occurs in metric spaces with some demands and resources given at its points. The demands may vary with time, but the total demand may never exceed k. The goal of an online algorithm is to satisfy demands by moving resources, while minimizing the cost for(More)