Jaroslaw Kochanowicz

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Despite the demand for culturally placed agent models, an adequate simulation approach to the relationship between group-cultural and individual-psychological qualities, including culture emergence, is just appearing. It could be argued that we are at the beginning of a domain forming process, a dawn of generative, emergent artificial culture. In this(More)
The relation between individual's personality and environmental context is a key issue in psychology, recently also in character simulations. This paper contributes to both domains by proposing a socio-cognitive, contextual personality model-a new voice in a century old problem of personality, but also an approach to simulating groups of more human-like(More)
Humans are not rational beings. Deviations from rationality in human thinking are currently well documented [25] as non-reducible to rational pursuit of egoistic benefit or its occasional distortion with temporary emotional excitation, as it is often assumed. This occurs not only outside conceptual reasoning or rational goal realization but also(More)
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