Jaroslaw Kochanowicz

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Carbon monoxide intoxication may result in neuropsychiatric abnormalities that can be overlooked or not fully appreciated. The authors describe two female patients who developed troublesome cognitive and emotional problems following carbon monoxide poisoning and stress the value of the precise neuropsychological testing and prolonged clinical observation in(More)
We have analysed the correlation between the direction of needle bevel insertion and the occurrence of post-puncture syndrome appearing after diagnostic lumbar puncture. Post-puncture headache was observed in 38 of 380 patients (13.6%). The syndrome occurred in 11 patients (7.9%) in whom the needle bevel had been inserted parallel to the patient's backbone(More)
Despite the demand for culturally placed agent models, an adequate simulation approach to the relationship between group-cultural and individual-psychological qualities, including culture emergence, is just appearing. It could be argued that we are at the beginning of a domain forming process, a dawn of generative, emergent artificial culture. In this(More)
The relation between individual's personality and environmental context is a key issue in psychology, recently also in character simulations. This paper contributes to both domains by proposing a socio-cognitive, contextual personality model-a new voice in a century old problem of personality, but also an approach to simulating groups of more human-like(More)
F wave parameters are connected with spinal motoneuron excitability. In view of this, the authors performed the study of the evolution of that response in 30 patients after cerebral stroke in three subsequent periods: I--1st or 2nd day, II--14th or 15th day, III--5 to 6 weeks after stroke. We found F wave occurrence to be reduced in the first period after(More)
The authors analysed seasonal and monthly incidence of and mortality from ischaemic stroke (IS) in the region of Białystok (North-Eastern Poland). 839 cases of IS (437 men and 402 women), aged 22 to 94 years, were hospitalised in the Department of Neurology, Medical Academy in Białystok during the analysed period (1990-1997). Significant seasonality in IS(More)
The authors describe a patient with bilateral anterior cerebral artery (ACA) occlusion. CT and MRI revealed bilateral encephalomalacia in the regions supplied by Heubner arteries and/or by perforating branches of ACA. The patient presented mainly with frontal symptomatology resulting from caudate nuclei lesion. Frontal symptomatology due to caudate(More)