Jaroslava Nováková

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MicroRNAs are endogenously expressed regulatory noncoding RNAs. Previous studies showed altered expression levels of several microRNAs in glioblastomas. In this study, we examined the expression levels of selected microRNAs in 22 primary glioblastomas and six specimens of adult brain tissue by real-time PCR method. In addition, we examined methylation(More)
In 27 children (12 boys and 15 girls) aged 3 months to 3 years, the plasma levels of albumin, prealbumin, orosomucoid and C-reactive protein (CRP) were determined after burn trauma. The results of these measurements were used to calculate the prognostic inflammatory and nutritional index (PINI). The children were assigned to two groups: a group with burns(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the age dependence on some physiological and serum chemistry parameters of male Wistar rats for the estimation of reference values in controlled environment. We are presenting values obtained from a large number of animals such as survival, average life span, body mass, food and water intake, serum chemistry parameters as(More)
Single as well as paired responses to stimulation of the contralateral sensorimotor cortex were recorded in adult and 12-day-old rats under urethane anesthesia. Carbamazepine (50 mg/kg i.p.) prolonged the peak latencies of single responses in both adult and young rats, while phenytoin (60 mg/kg i.p.) prolonged the latencies in adult animals but shortened(More)
The effects of live yeast (strain CNCM I-4407; Actisaf Sc 47; Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, Marcq-en-Baroeul, France) administration on nutrient digestibility and fecal microflora in dogs were investigated. The study included 24 young beagle dogs. They were allocated in control and live yeast (LY) groups (6 males and 6 females in each). During the Adaptation(More)
UNLABELLED Diphemanil methylsulfate (Prantal) is a quaternary ammonium with parasympathicolytic properties. It is used in premature and term neonates with bradycardias related to vagal hyper reflectivity (HRV). OBJECTIVES To assess the use of Prantal in the French neonatal and intensive care units: its indications, its modalities of use, its side effects(More)
Cyclophosphamide was used as a model mutagen to study changes in the frequency of chromosome aberrations in mice, depending on the route of administration (intraperitoneal and intragastric), length of exposure (single-dose application and continual exposure to CY in drinking water) and after-exposure time of bone marrow slide processing. In the single-dose(More)
The effects of long-term (1 yr) exposure to low doses of cadmium (Cd) dissolved in drinking water on selected biochemical and antioxidant parameters were studied in Wistar rats. Rats were divided into four groups: male control group (C-m), female control group (C-f), male Cd-exposed group (Cd-m), and female Cd-exposed group (Cd-f). Cd groups were exposed to(More)