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More than a year has elapsed since the seaquake in South-East Asia in December 2004, and more than 92% of the non-Thai victims have been identified. About 80% of the non-Thai victims were identified by dental information. This high success rate of dental identification in Thailand was a matter of surprise for many forensic experts. Identification based on(More)
The article highlights the benefits of the stochastic procedure used for the robust-ness evaluation in the early stages of the product development cycle. This technique gathers knowledge of how the manufacturing tolerances or other scattering input variables affect the final product performance. A limitation of most CAE-based analyzing and optimizing(More)
Coatings of CNchi, have been prepared on the substrates of material Ti6Al4V, of which the human joint replacements are made. The deposition of the CNchi coating was carried out by PACVD method in apparatus with standard arrangement. The methane and nitrogen have been used as precursors for CNchi compound. The infrared absorption spectroscopy and Rutherford(More)