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Morphological and electrophysiological techniques were used to examine granule cells and their mossy fiber axons in nine surgically resected hippocampal specimens from temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) patients. Timm histochemistry showed mossy fiber sprouting into the inner molecular layer (IML) of the dentate in a subset of tissue samples. In slices from five(More)
Web prefetching is an attractive solution to reduce the network resources consumed by Web services as well as the access latencies perceived by Web users. Unlike Web caching, which exploits the temporal locality, Web prefetching utilizes the spatial locality of Web objects. Specifically, Web prefetching fetches objects that are likely to be accessed in the(More)
We discuss the issue of searching the best K objects in more attributes for more users. Every user prefers objects in different ways. User preferences are modelled locally with a fuzzy function and globally with an aggregation function. Also, we discuss the issue of searching the best K objects without accessing all objects. We deal with the use of local(More)
This paper introduces a novel method for semantic annotation of web pages. We perform semantic annotation with regard to unwritten and empirically proven agreement between users and web designers using web patterns. This method is based on extraction of patterns, which are characteristic for a particular domain. A pattern provides formalization of the(More)
We suppose collections of XML data described by Document Type Definitions (DTDs). This data has been generated by applications and plays a role of OLTP database(s). A star schema, a well-known technique used in data warehousing, can be applied. Then dimension information is supposed to be contained in XML data. We will use the notions of subDTD and view,(More)