Jaroslav Novotný

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The extensive consumption of milk and dairy products makes these foodstuffs targets for potential adulteration with financial gains for unscrupulous producers (Nicolaou et al., 2011). Common adulterations of dairy products are the substitution of higher value milk by nondeclared milk or the omission of a declared milk species. Thus, the detection of milk(More)
Physical and chemical structure of paclitaxel (PTX) was studied after its incorporation into polymeric micelles made of hyaluronic acid (HA) (Mw=15 kDa) grafted with C6 or C18:1 acyl chains. PTX was physically incorporated into the micellar core by solvent evaporation technique. Maximum loading capacity for HAC6 and HAC18:1 was determined to be 2 and 14(More)
The porcine kobuvirus 1 (PKV-1) is believed to be an enteric virus. To investigate the prevalence of PKV-1 in pigs, virus was detected by RT-PCR in rectal swabs originating from 414 healthy and diarrheic pigs of different age categories on farms in Slovakia. Among all ages of animals, PKV-1 was detected equally in diarrheic (63.8%) and clinically healthy(More)
Quantum walks obey unitary dynamics: they form closed quantum systems. The system becomes open if the walk suffers from imperfections represented as missing links on the underlying basic graph structure, described by dynamical percolation. Openness of the system's dynamics creates decoherence, leading to strong mixing. We present a method to analytically(More)
A parallel implementation of the BDDC method using the frontal solver is employed to solve systems of linear equations from finite element analysis, and incorporated into a standard finite element system for engineering analysis by linear elasticity. Results of computation of stress in a hip replacement are presented. The part is made of titanium and loaded(More)
Coherent evolution governs the behaviour of all quantum systems, but in nature it is often subjected to influence of a classical environment. For analysing quantum transport phenomena quantum walks emerge as suitable model systems. In particular, quantum walks on percolation structures constitute an attractive platform for studying open system dynamics of(More)
We present an alternative approach to the adaptive mesh refinement. It is based on the knowledge of singularity near the corner. For steady Navier-Stokes equations we proved in [1] that for nonconvex internal angles the velocities near the corners possess an expansion u(ρ, θ) = ρφ(θ) + . . . (+ smoother terms), where ρ, θ are local spherical coordinates.(More)