Jaroslav M. Ilnytskyi

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We performed molecular dynamics simulations of a liquid crystal elastomer of side-chain architecture. The network is formed from a melt of 28 molecules each having a backbone of 100 hydrocarbon monomers, to which 50 side chains are attached in a syndiotactic way. Crosslinking is performed in the smectic A phase. We observe an increase of the(More)
Photo-induced deformations in azobenzene-containing polymers (azo-polymers) are central to a number of applications, such as optical storage and fabrication of diffractive elements. The microscopic nature of the underlying opto-mechanical coupling is yet not clear. In this study, we address the experimental finding that the scenario of the effects depends(More)
Using dissipative particle dynamics, we investigate the behavior of a binary mixture, exhibiting demixing in a bulk phase, confined in slit-like pores with walls modified by the stripes of tethered brush of chains. Our main interest is to determine possible morphologies that can be formed inside the pore, depending on the geometrical parameters(More)
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