Jaroslav Kuchar

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Modelling and understanding various contexts of users is important to enable personalised selection of Web APIs in directories such as Programmable Web. Currently, relationships between users and Web APIs are not clearly understood and utilized by existing selection approaches. In this paper, we present a semantic model of a Web API directory graph that(More)
Interest Beat (inbeat.eu) is a service for recommendation of content. InBeat was designed with emphasis on versatility, scalability and extensibility. The core contains the General Analytics INterceptor module, which collects and aggregates user interactions, the Preference Learning module and the Recommender System module. In this paper, we describe InBeat(More)
EasyMiner is a web-based visual interface for association rule learning. This paper presents a preview of the next release, which uses the R environment as the data processing backend. EasyMiner/R uses the arules package to learn rules. It uses the Classifications Based on Associations (CBA) algorithm as a classifier and to perform rule pruning.(More)
GAIN (inbeat.eu) is a web application and service for capturing and preprocessing user interactions with semantically described content. GAIN outputs a set of instances in tabular form suitable for further processing with generic machine-learning algorithms. GAIN is demoed as a component of a "SMART-TV" recommender system. Content is automatically described(More)
Digital editions of newspapers cause information overflow and users have problems choosing what they want to read. Systems which recommend news articles are suitable to solve such problems. Nevertheless, they face challenges unknown to the systems recommending books or movies such as a frequency of producing the new content. CLEF NewsREEL challenge enables(More)
This paper presents a use case for the data mining system EasyMiner in European project OpenBudgets.eu, which is concerned with publication and analysis of financial data of municipalities. EasyMiner is a web-based data mining system. This paper focuses on its new outlier detection functionality, which relies on frequent pattern mining. In addition, the(More)
Augmenting a feature set using mappings to the Web of data is an up-and-coming way to enrich data in the original dataset. Those enrichments are valuable especially for the recent preference learning algorithms and recommender systems. In this paper, we describe the process of mapping and augmenting the movie ratings dataset MovieTweetings from the(More)