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  • J. Krejci
  • 2008
IPTV is a system where a digital television service is delivered by using IP packets over broadband network infrastructure. IPTV can be operated through telephone line that is installed almost in all houses. Transmitted video streams take bandwidth and also need priority running in queue with other services in the providerpsilas network Such has in the(More)
— This paper focuses on the impact of impulse noise on picture quality in IPTV service provided over access networks based on ADSL/ADSL2+ technology. Impulse noise is a non-stationary stochastic electromagnetic interference which consists in random occurrences of energy peaks with random amplitudes. The source of impulse noise can be the electromagnetic(More)
—The paper describes methodology of experimental diagnostics examining the influence of small home appliances in operation resulting in the injection of impulse noise into local communication lines. The most important result of practical experiments is a data bank of disturbing impulses that will serve for defining of impulse noise model. There are many(More)
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