Jaroslav Kostrowicki

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An unprecedented amount of parallel synthesis information was accumulated within Pfizer over the past 12 years. This information was captured by an informatics tool known as PGVL (Pfizer Global Virtual Library). PGVL was used for many aspects of drug discovery including automated reactant mining and reaction product formation to build a synthetically(More)
PGVL Hub is an integrated molecular design desktop tool that has been developed and globally deployed throughout Pfizer discovery research units to streamline the design and synthesis of combinatorial libraries and singleton compounds. This tool supports various workflows for design of singletons, combinatorial libraries, and Markush exemplification. It(More)
Pfizer Global Virtual Library (PGVL) of 10(13) readily synthesizable molecules offers a tremendous opportunity for lead optimization and scaffold hopping in drug discovery projects. However, mining into a chemical space of this size presents a challenge for the concomitant design informatics due to the fact that standard molecular similarity searches(More)
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