Jaroslav Hnilica

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Using an atmospheric-pressure surface-wave-driven jet, the surfatron, we carried out the surface treatment of the silicon, polyamide, and wood. The changes in surface energy of the samples were determined by the contact angle measurements. Some of the results show rather quick treatment time, probably due to a high power density in the surfatron device.
A typical 1-D surface wave discharge reacts to varying power by changing its length. If the temporal change of incident power is high, the discharge column may not react sufficiently fast. The effect is demonstrated by high resolution images of plasma plume tearing-off during rapid power decrease in amplitude modulated microwave argon jet.
The high-speed sequence imaging of two different atmospheric pressure plasma jets illuminates the low-frequency dynamics of discharge filaments. Usually, atmospheric plasma jets consist of several contracted filaments occurring in the active zone of the plasma randomly in space and stochastically in time. However, particular plasma excitation schemes(More)
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