Jaroslav Hemrle

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A heat exchange interface at subzero temperature in a water vapor environment exhibits high probability of frost formation due to freezing condensation, a factor that markedly decreases the heat transfer efficacy due to the considerable thermal resistance of ice. Here we report a novel strategy to delay ice nucleation on these types of solid-water vapor(More)
Maintaining the non-wetting property of textured hydrophobic surfaces is directly related to the preservation of an intervening fluid layer (gaseous or immiscible liquid) between the droplet and substrate; once displaced, it cannot be recovered spontaneously as the fully penetrated Wenzel wetting state is energetically favorable. Here, we identify pathways(More)
This paper investigates the electric potential and field of a two phase (gas-liquid) system. The study uses finite element analysis (FEA) techniques to investigate the impact of a gas bubble on the bulk electric field. The FEA model is expanded to consider the multiple bubble breakdown probability using Monte Carlo techniques. The numerical results(More)
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