Jaroslav Hancl

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We consider the recently introduced model of low ply graph drawing, a straight-line drawing in which the ply-disks of the vertices do not have many common overlaps, which results in a good distribution of the vertices in the plane. The ply-disk of a vertex is the disk centered at it whose radius is half the length of its longest incident edge. We focus our(More)
There are not many new results concerning the linear independence of numbers. Exceptions in the last decade are, e.g., the result of Sorokin [8] which proves the linear independence of logarithmus of special rational numbers, or that of Bezivin [2] which proves linear independence of roots of special functional equations. The algebraic independence of(More)
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Let f(n) or the base-2 logarithm of f(n) be either d(n) (the divisor function), σ(n) (the divisor-sum function), φ(n) (the Euler totient function), ω(n) (the number of distinct prime factors of n) or Ω(n) (the total number of prime factors of n). We present good lower bounds for ∣ ∣M N − α ∣ ∣ in terms of N , where α = [0; f(1), f(2), . . .].
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