Jaroslav Cihelka

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A linear accelerator based source of coherent radiation, FLASH (Free-electron LASer in Hamburg) provides ultra-intense femtosecond radiation pulses at wavelengths from the extreme ultraviolet (XUV; lambda<100nm) to the soft X-ray (SXR; lambda<30nm) spectral regions. 25-fs pulses of 32-nm FLASH radiation were used to determine the ablation parameters of PMMA(More)
VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) diodes are the youngest members of the semiconductor laser diode family. The main target of our work is focused on the modally characterization and the measurement of the basic properties (threshold current, spectral range of the laser emission, the current tunability) of the three VCSEL diode based on GaSb(More)
We investigated single shot damage of Mo/Si multilayer coatings exposed to the intense fs XUV radiation at the Free-electron LASer facility in Hamburg - FLASH. The interaction process was studied in situ by XUV reflectometry, time resolved optical microscopy, and "post-mortem" by interference-polarizing optical microscopy (with Nomarski contrast), atomic(More)
Large-scale plasma was created in molecular gases (CO, CO2, N2, H2O) and their mixtures by high-power laser-induced dielectric breakdown (LIDB). Compositions of the mixtures used are those suggested for the early earth's atmosphere of neutral and/or mildly reducing character. Time-integrated optical spectra emitted from the laser spark have been measured(More)
The centrosymmetric crystal structure of the novel semi-organic compound, 3C(3)H(5)N(2)S(+)·HSO(4) (-)·SO(4) (2-)·H(2)O, is based on chains of alternating anions and water mol-ecules (formed by O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds). The chains are inter-connected with the 2-amino-1,3-thia-zolium cations via strong N-H⋯O and weak C-H⋯O hydrogen-bonding inter-actions into a(More)
The MQW GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb lasers are monomodal throughout almost the whole temperature range of its operation, and they can be tuned in a wide spectral range. With the combination of the Fourier transform spectrometer and the diode lasers as sources of coherent radiation, we compared the spectra measured with a FTIR spectrometer in its absorption(More)
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) have been characterized using Fourier transform emission spectroscopy and compared. Laser sensitive detection - laser absorption together with high resolution Fourier transform infrared technique including laser width measurement, infrared photoacoustic detection of neutral molecules will be discussed.
In the title compound, C(3)H(5)N(2)S(+)·H(2)PO(4) (-), the dihydrogen phosphate anions form infinite chains along [001] via short O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds. The 2-amino-thia-zolium cations inter-connect these chains into a three-dimensional network by short linear or bifurcated N-H⋯O and weak C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds.
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