Jaroslav Cerman

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An intensive experimental spinal cord impact trauma in rabbits led, after 90 minutes, to a significant increase of serotonin content in the segments of spinal cord at the injury epicentres. Adjacent segments showed normal values. It is suggested that the existing contradictory published data concerning the serotonin concentration in a traumatized spinal(More)
ATM kinase (ATM) is essential for activation of cell cycle check points and DNA repair in response to ionizing radiation (IR). In this work we studied the molecular mechanisms regulating DNA repair and cell death in human T-lymphocyte leukemic cells, MOLT-4. Apoptosis was evaluated by flow-cytometric detection of annexin V. Early apoptotic cells were(More)
The aim of our study was to describe histopathology of the peripheral nerve after its circular release followed by embedding in different environs. We operated on 18 male rats divided into 3 groups. In the first group right femoral nerve was surgically released. In the second group the nerve was enveloped by the subcutaneous fat flap. In the third one the(More)
It is known that the subependymal layer (SEL) of the lateral brain ventricles' wall is a source of neural stem cells (NSCs) of adult mammalian brain including the human brain. The NSCs in relation to the striatum differentiate only into glial phenotype. Therefore we focused on proliferative activity of NSCs and precursors in the SEL and on the course of(More)
With the aim to investigate histopathological changes and proliferative and apoptotic activity in GH-secreting adenomas we compared 14 cases pre-treated with somatostatin analogues before surgery with a reference group of 17 un-pretreated ones. Besides routine histology, immunocytochemical detection of all pituitary hormones, caspase-3, cytokeratin-18, and(More)
The aim of the study was to determine the inhibitory effects of somatostatin analogues with relative specificity to somatostatin receptor subtype 2 (SSTR2) (BIM-23197), subtype 5 (SSTR5) (BIM-23268), and their combination on GH and PRL secretion in acromegalic adenomas in vitro. Three types of answer were observed: 1. In one resistant adenoma no inhibition(More)
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