Jaroslav Beran

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Many recently published papers describe cyclical changes of cerebral circulatory variables, mainly in cerebral blood flow velocity (CBFV) performed with Doppler sonography. In this paper we focus on another important variable of cerebral circulation: on cerebral blood volume (CBV) measured by near infrared spectrophotometry (NIRS). In a retrospective(More)
The background of the paper is the empirical fact that the fundamental assumption of independence in statistics is generally false and has to be replaced by long-range dependence. Since this is far from generally known, some evidence of it is reviewed. It can easily be seen that long-range dependence has disastrous eeects on the naive statistical treatment(More)
The paper presents a method for the soot blowing optimization and its pilot application to the oil fired boiler of a power plant. The important monitored parameter of each steam generator is the thermal efficiency or the heat rate. These parameters are influenced by many factors, including for example the boiler design, control strategy, fuel quality,(More)
The authors suggest a new method of stabilization of upper thoracie spine (Th 2 -Th 5) by an internal fixator. A safe and precise insertion of screws into the vertebrae from the posterior approach is performed by CT guided surgery.The surgery is carried out in a CT examination room providing conditions corresponding to an operating theatre. Of vital(More)
  • J Beran
  • 1990
The author recommends in his proposal of uniform criteria to evaluate pathological changes of the spine according to a pattern where the first place is held by morphological changes (unevenness of the covering plates, changes in the shape of bodies of the vertebrae, changes in the height of disc and changes in the curvature of the spine). The second place(More)
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