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A scoring scheme for the rapid and automatic classification of molecules into drugs and nondrugs was developed. The method is a valuable new tool that can aid in the selection and prioritization of compounds from large compound collections for purchase or biological testing and that can replace a considerable amount of laborious manual work by a more(More)
Neural networks are finding ever-more applications in the design of combinatorial libraries. These can be divided into two types: Kohonen (self-organizing) maps, and feed-forward networks. While the number of applications is currently quite limited, a rapid increase in publications in this area can be expected in the next few years from the rapid(More)
The paper presents a prototype of a mobile monitoring system for measuring the levels of the main traffic air pollutants (C(6)H(6), NO(2), NO(x), CO, and CO(2),) in cities. The novelty of the proposed system lies in the fact that it can be utilized to monitor emissions from urban traffic along roads and areas where traditional monitoring stations cannot be(More)
The biomass of forests is one of the oldest and most popular sources of renewable energy. Aside from round wood, logging residue is also being used with increasing frequency to produce energy. Under European conditions, the most frequently implemented technology of using logging residue is chipping, either directly at the cutting site or at the forest(More)
UNLABELLED Surgical site infection is one of the most severe complications in patients with multiple injuries. It causes elongation of hospitalization time, greatly increases costs of treatment and may directly endanger patient's life. The aim of the study was to analyze bacterial flora causing surgical site infections in group of patients with multiple(More)
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