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Chronic anal fissure is one of the most common anus diseases. The main ailments reported by the sick are: stubborn pain connected with defecation and bleeding. Etiopathogenesis of this disease has not been exactly explained yet. The most important factors are anodermal blood flow disturbances and excessive cramp of internal anal sphincter (IAS). Lateral(More)
UNLABELLED The progress of operative technique, introduction of new drugs, modernizing of medical equipment are the cause of long and complicated operations. For that reason, the number of patients, who need the catheterization of the urinary bladder is increasing. The use of the vesical catheter over 5 days is the cause of the urinary tract infection(More)
In the years 1996-1997 9 dorsal sympathectomies (DS) were performed in the authors Department using VATS technique. There were 6 right dorsal sympathectomies and 3 left DS in the group of 7 patients. Indication for dorsal sympathectomies was idiopathic hyperhidrosis in 4 cases and vascular disorders in 3 cases. Operating time for the single procedure was(More)
9 cases initially suspected of toxic nodular disease were proved to be Hodgkin disease in 8 and lymphoma in one. Sonographic exams of the neck revealed enlarged peri-thyroid nodes in all cases. Biopsy of these nodes and histopathological examinations of the nodes confirmed the diagnosis.
The case of the patient surgically treated for diagnosed pancreatic insulinoma is reported. Pancreatic insulinomas are the most often diagnosed hormonally active tumors of pancreas. They are small in size, localized evenly in the head, body or tail of pancreas. Their precise location is not easy. This case confirms that the preoperative localization of the(More)
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