Jarosław Garlicki

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The aim of this study was to assess the influence of iv tramadol on opioid requirement in the early postoperative period. The subjects were 90 patients scheduled for colon surgery (hemicolectomy) who received general anesthesia using the (N2O/O2) isoflurane technique. Thirty patients (group I) were administered 100 mg of tramadol iv before induction of(More)
Local administration of exogenous opioids may cause effective analgesia without adverse symptoms from the central nervous system. Experiments show that peripheral antinociceptive effect of opioids is observed especially in inflammatory pain. The aim of the research was to estimate the effect of tramadol on nociceptive process at the level of peripheral(More)
Pentoxifilne (PTX) is a non specific inhibitor of cytokines release, which suppress mainly TNF production. The aim of this study was to evaluate behavioural activity changes in response to acute and chronic nociceptive stimulus. PTX was more effective in neuropathic pain than acute pain model. Use of cytokine inhibitors might offer new strategies of(More)
The authors present their experience in the treatment of chronic lower limb ischaemia resulting from atherosclerosis by below knee amputation according to Ghormley's technique, with the immediate application of a semi-rigid plaster cast and early rehabilitation. From a group of 664 patients requiring major amputations, 61 patients (52 men) aged 64 +/- 11(More)
Glutamine has been the point of interest of many nutritional studies concerning parenteral and enteral nutrition. Advantages from glutamine support have been observed previously in animal models. It was shown that glutamine is the energy source for rapidly dividing cells e.g. immune cells, gut mucosa. Recent molecular and protein chemistry studies have(More)
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