Jarosław Domaradzki

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In this work, structural and optical properties of vanadium oxides have been presented. Thin films were manufactured by microwave-assisted magnetron sputtering process. Particles were sputtered from a vanadium target in Ar/O2 atmosphere. Oxygen partial pressure was changing from 3×10–4 to 7×10–4 Torr. After the deposition, the thin films were additionally(More)
BACKGROUND Biomaterials in the form of thin-film coatings as-deposited on different substrates are nowadays increasingly popular. In particular coatings based on a combination of biocompatible materials (eg. titanium) with metals of high biological activity (eg. copper) have a potentially wide range of applications as active films, intended for various(More)
BACKGROUND Titanium dioxide is widely used as a bacteriostatic and non-toxic material. It is important, therefore, to modify its properties, for greater biological activity. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was comparison of the specific surface properties and the biological activity of TiO2 and TiO2 with niobium and copper additives--TiO2:(Nb,Cu) thin(More)
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