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Glory, Honour and Patriotism: Military Careers in the Duchy of Warsaw, 1806–1815
The image of an invincible Prussian army, which had so impressed itself on the Poles since the reign of Frederick the Great, was destroyed in a single day, on 14 October 1806. The retreat of theExpand
The Attitudes of the Polish Political Elite towards the State in the Period of the Duchy of Warsaw, 1807–1815
In Polish historical consciousness, the period of the Duchy of Warsaw is a time of wars and attempts to regain independence.1 The collective memory distinguishes it from other epochs by clearExpand
What Lies behind the Glory? A Balance Sheet of the Napoleonic Era in Poland
In the collective memory of most European nations, the Napoleonic epoch is perceived as a period of ruinous wars, economic stagnation or humiliating foreign domination. The memory that has prevailedExpand
The Tsar’s dignitary as representative of the nation.
‘What is to be Done When the Motherland Has Died?’ The Moods and Attitudes of Poles After the Third Partition, 1795–1806
Abstract Literary scholars who have examined the reactions of Polish writers to the third and final partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795 have concluded that the dominant emotion ofExpand