Jaron Schaeffer

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1. The rho 1 protein, which we previously cloned from retina, assembles as a homooligomer that transduces the binding of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) into robust chloride currents. However, its insensitivity to bicuculline, pentobarbitone and benzodiazepines, all potent agents at typical GABAA receptors, suggested that it may react atypically to other(More)
BACKGROUND Gene discovery algorithms typically examine sequence data for low level patterns. A novel method to computationally discover higher order DNA structures is presented, using a context sensitive grammar. The algorithm was applied to the discovery of gene cassettes associated with integrons. The discovery and annotation of antibiotic resistance(More)
MOTIVATION Larger than gene structures (LGS) are DNA segments that include at least one gene and often other segments such as inverted repeats and gene promoters. Mobile genetic elements (MGE) such as integrons are LGS that play an important role in horizontal gene transfer, primarily in Gram-negative organisms. Known LGS have a profound effect on organism(More)
A magnetic recoil spectrometer (MRS) has been built and successfully used at OMEGA for measurements of down-scattered neutrons (DS-n), from which an areal density in both warm-capsule and cryogenic-DT implosions have been inferred. Another MRS is currently being commissioned on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) for diagnosing low-yield(More)
Recently, ontology engineering has become ever more important when it comes to conceptualize knowledge. However, writing software applications that operate on ontological knowledge still suffers from a lack of connectivity provided by available ontology management systems. Interfaces of ontology management systems are either based on error prone programming(More)
Digital content consumption is exploding thanks to the advances of the distributed cloud-computing infrastructures and the consumer electronics. Further challenges have been posed to engineers and researchers to satisfy the ever increasing user needs not only for high quality video delivery, but also for richer experience. In order to support various video(More)
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