Jaromir Kukal

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—Segmentation, feature extraction and classification of signal components belong to very common problems in various engineering, economical and biomedical applications. The paper is devoted to the use of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) both for signal preprocessing and signal segments feature extraction as an alternative to the commonly used discrete(More)
A growing number of crystal and NMR structures reveals a considerable structural polymorphism of DNA architecture going well beyond the usual image of a double helical molecule. DNA is highly variable with dinucleotide steps exhibiting a substantial flexibility in a sequence-dependent manner. An analysis of the conformational space of the DNA backbone and(More)
Dobře známá afinní transformace [1] x = a 0 + a 1 x + a 2 y (1) y = b 0 + b 1 x + b 2 y (2) může být rozložena na šest jednoduchých transformací: posunutí o (x 0 , y 0), změna velikosti s fak-torem ω > 0, první rotace o úhel α, protažení s parametrem δ > 0, druhá rotace o úhel β a případné zrcadlení. Pořadí transformací může být pozměněno, avšak protažení(More)
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