Jaromír Brzobohatý

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The so-called elementary canonical state models of the third-order piecewise-linear (PWL) dynamical systems, as the simplest ODE equivalents of Chua’s equations, are presented. Their mutual relations using the linear topological conjugacy are demonstrated in order to show in detail that Chua’s equations and their canonical ODE equivalents represent various(More)
Starting from the first elementary canonical state model, the new simple state model of the thirdorder dynamical systems that belong to Class C is derived. A typical property of this new model is a very simple form of its partial transformation matrix in the conditions of linear topological conjugacy, which represents the unity matrix. Complete state(More)
A new method of finding the operating points in circuits containing ideal diodes which utilizes the decomposed form of the state model of an one-dimensional piecewise-linear (PWL) system is developed. The universal procedure shown gives all the existing solutions quite automatically. INTRODUCTION The process of finding the operating points in networks(More)
State models of piecewise-linear (PWL) autonomous dynamical systems used as prototypes in practical realizations of electronic chaotic oscillators are expressed in more generalized form that includes all previous models as special cases with the same optimum eigenvalue sensitivities. Key-Words: Dynamical systems, piecewise-linear, modeling, sensitivity(More)
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