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Attenuation in mid-latency auditory evoked responses (MLAERs) can be used to study sensory gating. If paired-click stimuli (S1 and S2) are used, lower amplitude in response to S2 vs. S1 (attenuation) is considered evidence for intact sensory gating. However, the need for reliable measurements of MLAER amplitude and attenuation is a recognized problem. Ten(More)
In a paired click "conditioning (S1), Testing (S2)" paradigm the amplitudes of responses to (S1) as well as the degree of attenuation of S2 as compared to S1 (S2/S1) were studied in two schizophrenic groups. Thirteen undifferentiated/disorganized (US) and thirteen paranoid (PS) patients were compared to thirteen age and sex matched normal volunteers. The US(More)
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