Jarmo T. Alander

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In this paper, we review the work applying computational evolutionary methods in software engineering, especially in software testing. Testing is both technically and economically vital for high quality software production. About half of the expenses in software production has been estimated to be due to testing. Much of the testing is done manually or(More)
The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the recent surgical intraoperational applications of indocyanine green fluorescence imaging methods, the basics of the technology, and instrumentation used. Well over 200 papers describing this technique in clinical setting are reviewed. In addition to the surgical applications, other recent medical(More)
In this chapter we analyse empirically genetic algorithm search efficiency on several combinatorial optimisation problems in relation to building blocks and fitness landscape. The test set includes five problems of different types and difficulty levels all with an equal chromosome length of 34 bits. Four problems were quite easy for genetic algorithm search(More)
In this paper we introduce novel methods for non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) using a genetic algorithm. The methods find the optimal basis functions for the spectral colors in both spectral and color spaces. We show that one of the proposed algorithms works as well as the standard NMF algorithm in spectral space. Further, this algorithm is modified(More)
INTRODUCTION Quantitative assessment of scars is needed in clinical practice and in scientific studies. To date, there have been no entirely objective methods available for these purposes. We introduce a new method developed for scar assessment combining standardized digital imaging (SDI) and spectral modelling (SpM). With this method, the estimated(More)
A good selection of the internal parameters of a genetic algorithm may reduce the optimization speed considerably. We studied the effects of two key parameters, namely population size and relative elitism, on the optimization speed and reliability. We found that changing one parameter can be compensated for changing another. By penalizing for the(More)
Digital halftoning is used both in low and high resolution high quality printing technologies. Our method is designed to be mainly used for low resolution ink jet marking machines to produce both gray tone and color images. The main problem with digital halftoning is pink noise caused by the human eye's visual transfer function. To compensate for this the(More)