Jarmila Riegerová

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Studies of the relationships between BMD, PA and body composition have shown variable results. Therefore, the aim of this cross-sectional study was to determine the relationships between accelerometer-determined PA and selected body composition parameters to total and regional BMD of the proximal femur in postmenopausal women. BMD and body composition were(More)
We present in our paper the somatodiagnostic examination results of a group of 12-year old girls from the volleyball preparatory school in Olomouc. The examination was carried out in 1998. The selection was retrospectively evaluated, where the range of characteristics required for the sporting talent selection was not adhered to. We took the main criterion(More)
In the framework of completing the aim of the project supporting health, which is entitled “Intervention programme for optimal mobility and its influence on health” in June 1998 we carried out a physical diagnosis of University students of the 3rd age at the Faculty of Physical Culture. The test group finished the 2nd year with a specialisation “Journey to(More)
The concept of body constitution first appeared in Matiegka (1921), who suggested quantification of body components on the basis of body’s external dimensions. Since Matiegka, a whole range of other methods for body constitution assessment based on anthropometrical dimensions has been developed. Fat is the main factor of inter-intraindividual variability of(More)
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