Jarmila Mahlmeister

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AIM The aim of this economic evaluation is to address the economic impact of a multidisciplinary renal patient education on the work maintenance of patients with chronic renal disease. METHOD A total of 281 patients were recruited. An incremental cost-effectiveness analysis considering direct medical costs and days in the work force was performed. In(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to describe the frequency of reasons for elderly patients visits to a general practice (GP) setting. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Cross-sectional data from 8,877 randomly selected patients were assessed during a 1-year period by 209 GPs in the German federal state of Saxony. The reasons for visits, performed procedures, and(More)
Background: Previous research has revealed a clear relationship between weight gain of persons and their metabolic diseases developing later. These studies have covered only short periods lasting 4-8 years.Our goal was to collect decades' old and often life-long anthropometric data and correlate the figures with the presence of hypertension and diabetes or(More)
OBJECTIVE Chest pain is a common reason for an encounter in general practice. The present investigation was set out to characterize the consultation rate of chest pain, accompanying symptoms, frequency of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, and results of the encounter. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cross-sectional data were collected from randomly selected(More)
Objective. Currently, an overview of the management of knee pain in general practitioner's offices is not available. The main concern of this study was to evaluate the consultation prevalence of knee pain, accompanying symptoms, the frequency of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and results of encounters of patients suffering from knee pain. Methods.(More)
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