Jarmila Kubíková

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The article reviews the literature dealing with levels of air pollution in Central Europe and Czechoslovakia particulary in connection with the rate of forest damage and dieback since the fifties. To date 57 percent of forests on an area of 15.000 square km are damaged in Czech republic and more than 40.000 ha of dead Norway spruce forest had to be cut out.(More)
The thermophilous communities of caleareous rocky slopes in Radotín Valley are rather stable and present a species composition very similar to that described by Domin (1928). Some changes in their structure may nevertheless be observed due to the changing complex of human impact. The worst influence in the last 20 years is the air pollution of a cement(More)
The imperfect fungusFusarium oxysporum dominated the root surface of first-year seedlings of woody plants grown in the forest nursery in Řečany near Pardubice, Czechoslovakia. The second most frequent species wasCylindrocarpon radicicola whose relative frequency increased towards the end of the growing season. The morphological variability of isolated(More)
The exodermis of ash roots is initiated early in the apical meristem. When fully differentiated, it is composed of alternating “long” and “short” cells measuring approx. 70×25×25 μm and 25×28×25 μm respectively. At a short distance from the apex, the long cells undergo structural and histochemical changes from a “primary” towards a “secondary” stage: an(More)
A survey of the present vegetation of the Prokop Valley Nature Reserve revealed the following natural communities:Erysimo crepidifolii-Festucetum valesiacae Klika 1933,Alysso saxatilis-Festucetum Klika 1941,Allio montani-Sedetum albi Klika 1939,Helianthemo cani-Caricetum humilis ass. nova,Helianthemo cani-Seslerietum calcariae Klika 1933,Primulo(More)
The gradients of floristic composition and environmental factors (temperature, soil moisture, pH, light intensity) were followed on three transects delimited in the contact zone between woodland and xerothermic grassland on the NW. slope of the Velká hora Hill in the Bohemian Karst. The densities of the more frequent plants and corresponding values of(More)
This last, fourth edition, is the collective work of eight spe~Mi~ls under the lr..adcrship of Prof. Dissler, s.mmin~ up years of research at the ln~tltutr of Plant aad Wood Chemistry, Tharandt (Sachsen, BRD). The first edition was published as early as 1976. which confirms the Insti t t~'s long tradition in the study of air poh'ution and its effect~ oe(More)
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