Jarmila A. Zdanowicz

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To present a rare case of a multiparous woman undergoing elective cesarean section with apparent symptoms of acute coronary syndrome and who was later diagnosed with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TCM; “broken heart syndrome”). To review similar case reports already reported in literature. Literature search on the occurrence of TCM in pregnancy using MEDLINE and(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal weight estimation (FWE) is an important factor for clinical management decisions, especially in imminent preterm birth at the limit of viability between 23(0/7) and 26(0/7) weeks of gestation. It is crucial to detect and eliminate factors that have a negative impact on the accuracy of FWE. DATA SOURCES In this systematic literature(More)
INTRODUCTION To determine the accuracy of estimated fetal weight (EFW) at the limit of viability in a delivery room setting and its impact on the prediction of neonatal outcome. MATERIAL AND METHODS In this retrospective, single-center cohort study we included patients with preterm birth between 230/7 and 260/7 weeks of gestation. Neonates were divided(More)
INTRODUCTION The appearance of end-diastolic flow velocities (EDF) in the umbilical artery (UA), usually between 10 and 14 weeks of gestation, has been associated with the opening of the spiral arteries and consequently of the intervillous space. OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to compare first trimester UA pulsatility index (PI) and EDF between women(More)
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