Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila

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In this paper, communication architecture for a P2P-enhanced virtual environment (VE) client in a web browser is proposed. The communication architecture relies on recent and ongoing standardization efforts as well as novel research work in defining the building blocks that are required for implementing adaptive and scalable solutions for VEs. In addition,(More)
Extensible 3D virtual spaces and their services are often too heavy for a mobile device to handle. The burden caused by such services is divided between extensive amounts of content, which need to be downloaded prior to using the service, and the complexity of the graphical reproduction process (rendering). In this paper, it is shown how texture(More)
This poster describes the implementation of a mobile client, called <i>Chiru</i>, for the realXtend extensible Network Virtual Environment. The paper describes the chiru client which can cope with network connection status and failures, multiple world connections and User Interface elements based on Qt/QML. The prototype is demonstrated on a mobile tablet(More)
This paper presents work done to view multiple 3D virtual worlds from a single viewer. The work introduces a change to the communication architecture and memory management of the RealXtend Tundra client viewer to support multiple logical connections. The memory management scheme is based on 'area of interests' was introduced to prevent excessive memory(More)
3D reconstruction of real world objects is an important content creation tool for the 3D internet. This poster shows how cheap commercial sensors can be used to reconstruct real 3D objects and import those objects within a 3D virtual world. This poster describes the implementation of a 3D content capturing processing chain using Microsoft Kinect. The(More)