Jarkko Suhonen

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The distance education field offers several potential data sources for data mining applications. These applications can help both instructors and students in the web-based learning setting. One of the interesting aspects of data mining in education is to collect and interpret the information from several courses. This information can be used for example to(More)
In this paper, we explore what is variously termed distance learning (DL), asynchronous, online, Web-based, and Web-supported learning in terms of how it can support and perhaps even improve the fields of education involving computing. We use the term distributed education to cover all mentioned topics. We describe how the incorporation of these methods can(More)
In Fall 2000, University of Joensuu offered for the first time a Web-based university level Computer Science course to high school students in the surrounding rural region of North Karelia. To improve the course design, a formative evaluation scheme was developed for monitoring learning outcomes and identifying existing problems, pedagogical as well as(More)
Learning analytics is an emerging field of research, which deals with collecting and analysing data about learners and their learning context, as well as developing solutions that utilise the analysed data. Traditionally, learning analytics methods focus on the analysis of learners' digital trails or numerical big data, e.g., online material access, digital(More)