Jarkko Pekkarinen

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Technical data are given for the construction of a low cost transportable force platform to measure postural stability. The measuring elements in the platform are placed between two rigid metal plates to give information about the movements of the center point of force of a standing subject. The system utilizes a microcomputer for data collection, and data(More)
The peak sound pressure level (SPL), spreading of pressure wave and other physical characteristics of the impulse noise from weapons were studied in actual shooting conditions for assessment of gunfire noise exposure. Additionally, the attenuation of SPL by hearing protectors was measured with miniature microphones to evaluate protection efficiency in real(More)
The present study was carried out to determine whether impulse noise and simultaneous exposure to noise and vibration can aggravate sensory neural hearing loss (SNHL) among forest (N = 199) and shipyard (N = 171) workers. The average level of exposure to noise outside the used earmuffs and the average exposure over time were nearly equal for the two groups.(More)
The effect of shooting impulses on hearing was analysed in 150 professional forest workers exposed to noise from chain saws. The exposure to shooting impulses (Lesi) was designed to take into account the peak levels of shooting impulses, their number and use of hearing protectors. Hearing loss was dependent on Lesi even after allowing for the age of(More)
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