Jari Setälä

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Freshwater fish species and Baltic salmon are important to small-scale fisheries in Finland and Sweden. The formerly local markets for these species have expanded as the food trade has been opened up to international competition. In this study we use cointegration analysis to test the spatial integration of freshwater fish markets in Finland, and between(More)
The relationship between metabolic balance and seasonal variations in fertility was studied in middle Finland in 104 cows that had calved from February to June. The cows were kept indoors until the end of May when they turned out to pasture. Urea and acetone concentrations in milk were used to evaluate metabolic balance, and progesterone assays were used to(More)
In this study we apply Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to examine the similarities and differences of the quality perceptions of different fish market sectors. In order to make this analyse, a hierarchic model of the total quality of fresh rainbow trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss) fillets was created. The model had seven main criteria and 78 sub-criteria at(More)
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