Jari Rautiainen

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In this study we characterized the human T cell-reactive sites of the major cow dander allergen, Bos d 2, a member of the lipocalin protein family. We showed that Bos d 2 contains only a limited number of epitopes. This is in contrast to many other allergens, which usually contain multiple T cell epitopes throughout the molecule. The epitopes of Bos d 2(More)
Psoriasin is a small calcium-binding protein first found in psoriatic lesions and also up-regulated in other inflammatory skin diseases and cancer tissues. Psoriasin is also present in the fetal epithelial cells. Its biological function is unclear, but there is both in vitro and in vivo evidence for its chemokine-like activity. The aim of the present study(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the sensitivity of quantitative MRI techniques (T1 , T1,Gd , T2 , continous wave (CW) T1ρ dispersion, adiabatic T1ρ , adiabatic T2ρ , RAFF and inversion-prepared magnetization transfer (MT)) for assessment of human articular cartilage with varying degrees of natural degeneration. METHODS Osteochondral samples (n = 14) were obtained(More)
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