Jari-Pekka Voutilainen

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Mobile agents have certain benefits that are especially useful for Internet of Things (IoT). Mobile Agents help to reduce the network load, overcome network latency, and encapsulate protocols. In addition, they can perform autonomous tasks that would otherwise require extensive configuration. On the downside, many agent systems require use of specific(More)
The liquid metaphor refers to software that operates seamlessly across multiple devices owned by one or multiple users. Liquid software architectures can dynamically deploy and redeploy stateful software components and transparently adapt them to the capabilities of heterogeneous target devices. The key design goal in liquid software development is to(More)
The introduction of numerous new, web-enabled devices is leading to a change in the mindset in the design of web systems. Increasingly often, they are designed to take into account the special characteristics of different devices. In terms of implementation, designing these responsive web services requires frameworks and guidelines for user interface design(More)
The Liquid Software metaphor refers to software that can operate seamlessly across multiple devices owned by one or multiple users. Liquid Software applications can take advantage of the computing, storage and communication resources available on all the devices owned by the user. Liquid Software applications can also dynamically migrate from one device to(More)
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