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The paper reports on an ongoing European Commission funded R&D project called ANEMONE, which aims at realizing a large-scale testbed for mobility technologies. This testbed will provide support of mobile users and devices, as well as enhanced services by integrating cutting edge IPv6 node and network mobility solutions. Among the key features of this(More)
We present a video management system comprising a video server and a mobile camera-phone application called MobiCon, which allows users to capture videos, annotate them with metadata, specify digital rights management (DRM) settings, upload the videos over the cellular network, and share them with others. Once stored in the video server, users can then(More)
This paper reports on the dynamic adaptation of multimedia services for both mobile and fixed terminal devices. The adaptation is done based on the device features and includes both the adaptation of the presentation format (e.g. HTML, WML, SMS, E-mail and speech driven browsers) as well as the multimedia contents. The services are defined in XHTML with(More)
This paper introduces theoretical backgrounds and necessary architecture to integrate mobility with adaptive multimedia services. The presented approach allows for ‘anytime anywhere’ access to mobile services by adapting media (text, images and video) and user interfaces for a wide variety of fixed and mobile devices. Furthermore, the proposed ‘Princess’(More)
Video management research has largely been ignoring the increased attractiveness of using camera-equipped mobile phones for the production of short home video clips, mostly considering them as additional channels for video consumption. The CANDELA project, which is part of the European ITEA program, focuses on the integration of video content analysis with(More)
The 5th generation mobile networks (5G) bring a number of new possibilities for application developers. They cut down many barriers that have potentially prevented developing new applications for mobile networks by introducing significantly higher data rates, lower delays, and better energy efficiency. 5G is not only an evolution of radio technology. The(More)
In this paper, we present an open wireless IPTV development platform which provides a cost-effective and realistic environment for testing and developing video transmission technologies and services. We describe the components of the platform and give examples of how the platform has been used. The platform supports video delivery to mobile users in various(More)
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