Jari Kettunen

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This paper describes experiences gained from the implementation and evaluation of an XML-based integration system in a real case. The prototype was designed to support electronic data exchange in a supply chain. The purpose of the prototype was to study the properties of the integration system from both a development and usage perspective . In particular ,(More)
The hygienic quality of the water of the Kerava river, southern Finland, deteriorates occasionally. The purpose of the study was to design a real-time monitoring system that would inform the public using the river for recreational purposes about the changes in water quality. The system was constrained to consist of on-line sensing of water quality and(More)
Uncertainty is definitely one of the key topics in environmental assessment and management. Typically, attempts to reduce uncertainty are subject to expenses. But how to compare and trade-off expenses and the reduced uncertainty? They only seldom allow the use of a single unit. Instead, the whole analysis and decision procedure is very subjective. This(More)
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