Jarek Kolařik

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A simple and highly efficient percutaneous method eliminating the spinal ganglion and its posterior spinal cord root in treating metameric pain is described. Monitored by X-ray the needle crosses the vertebral canal passing e.g. from the right into the left intervertebral space. The intervention itself is made by a mesocaine alcohol block. The first(More)
An universal targeting device coupled with computerized tomography is a new promise in the complex of diagnostics and therapy. It allows any point inside the human body to be reached from any spot on its surface. The space containing the target is controlled by moving the arms of the device on three mutually perpendicular planes and by turning at two angles(More)
In the conditions of developed socialism, changes in social consciousness are also reflected in one of its forms - the morals. The problems of moral education as an inseparable part of communist education is coming to the foreground. It plays its role in all the stages of the education system, having its unsubstitutable place also in the conditions of(More)