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—On February 2014, $650.000.000 worth of Bitcoins disappeared. Currently it is unclear whether hackers or MtGox, the largest Bitcoin exchange, are to be blamed. In either case, the anonymous and unregulated nature of the Bitcoin system makes it practically impossible for innocent victims to get their money back. We have investigated the technical(More)
  • Hang Zhan, Yang, Zhan Hang Yang, Alan J Lesser, David A Hoagland, H Henning Winter +18 others
  • 2015
DEDICATION To my patient and loving parents v ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank my advisor, Professor Alan Lesser, for his significant contributions to my intellectual growth. His curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity have continuously motivated me throughout my study. I appreciate his patience and guidance in helping me develop critical thinking and(More)
  • Jamie Mariah Herold, Herold, Jamie Mariah, Jordan Rexing, Cody Rhoden, Jared +1 other
  • 2014
to thank all of my JTRP Student Advisory Committee members, and the many INDOT employees that helped with planning, safety and maintenance of this project. I would not have been able to complete this research without the many hours spent in the field with my technicians, Brooke, and Rob Quakenbush. I would especially like to thank Bill Fielding and Matt(More)
The differential cross section for the quasielastic d(n,np) neutron-induced deuteron breakup reaction was measured as a function of incident and scattered particle energies and angles, using a liquid deuterium target at the Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) spallation neutron beam at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.(More)
As members of the Dissertation Committee, we certify that we have read the dis-sertation prepared by Vaibhav Joga Singh Bora entitled Photon Statistics in Scin-tillation Crystals and recommend that it be accepted as fulfilling the dissertation requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Final approval and acceptance of this dissertation is(More)
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