Jared Winick

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In this report we present version 3.0 of Inet, an Autonomous System (AS) level Internet topology generator. Our understanding of the Internet topology is quickly evolving, and thus, our understanding of how synthetic topologies should be generated is changing too. We document our analysis of Inet2.2, which highlighted two shortcomings in its topologies.(More)
The GATA transcription factors are a family of C4 zinc finger-motif DNA-binding proteins that play defined roles in hematopoiesis as well as presumptive roles in other tissues where they are expressed (e.g., testis, neuronal and placental trophoblast cells) during vertebrate development. To investigate the possibility that GATA proteins may also be involved(More)
The performance of IP networks depends on a wide variety of dynamic conditions. Traffic shifts, equipment failures, planned maintenance, and topology changes in other parts of the Internet can all degrade performance. To maintain good performance, network operators must continually reconfigure the routing protocols. Operators configure BGP to control how(More)
In transiently transfected chicken erythroid cells, beta-like globin gene switching is mediated through differential activation of the cis-linked embryonic epsilon- and adult beta-globin genes by a shared enhancer. Two underlying mechanisms have been proposed: (i) tissue- and stage-specific factors activate the beta-globin promoter in adult erythroid cells(More)
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