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Bestatin, an immunostimulating substance of microbial origin, was examined for its capacity to augment immune responses of blood lymphocytes in bladder cancer patients having received a full course of local irradiation (64 Gy). Following irradiation the patients became lymphopenic and the lymphocytes exhibited impaired mitogenic responses to(More)
A group of 17 patients, having undergone modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer, received 12 cycles of chemotherapy with methotrexate, 5-fluorouracil, and chlorambucil during 17 months. The number of circulating T and non T lymphocytes, as defined by E, EAC, and ME rosette formation, were reduced during treatment. The Non-T lymphocytes, however, were(More)
Sera from a hundred patients with operable carcinoma of the breast and seventy-five age-matched controls were examined for antinuclear, smooth muscle, glomerular and mitochondrial antibodies by indirect immunofluorescence technique. Antinuclear and smooth muscle antibodies were found to be more frequent in cancer patients than in controls. The incidence of(More)
Lymphocyte subpopulations were identified and Ig production in vitro was studied in patients with IgA nephropathy and in age-matched controls. The investigations were performed in an infection-free interval. The proportions of T-lymphocytes with Fc receptors for IgG and IgM, respectively, did not differ between patients and controls. T-suppressor (Leu 2A)(More)
The natural killer (NK) activity of peripheral lymphocytes against 51Cr-labelled Chang or K562 cells was tested using a 4 h release assay before and after postoperative radiation therapy for mammary carcinoma. NK activity against K562 was significantly reduced at completion of therapy (a total target dose of 45.0 Gy) and restituted 3 to 4 months later. NK(More)
Mycological and clinical investigations were carried out in 193 homosexual men, 83 of whom had HIV antibodies, and 117 heterosexual men. Dermatophytes were recovered from the feet in 37.3% of HIV seropositive homosexual men, 31.8% of seronegative homosexual men and 8.6% of heterosexual men. Tinea pedis in homosexual men was significantly more common with(More)
The primary objective of these experiments was to compare the effectiveness of motility, recovery, and methyl-thiazolyl-tetrazolium (MTT) reduction assays for determining anthelmintic activity of plant extracts and purified compounds from these extracts. Caenorhabditis elegans was used as the test organism. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)(More)
The possible influence of 48 hr of sleep deprivation on in vitro DNA synthesis of blood lymphocytes and on the adhesiveness and intracellular, stainable activity of alkaline phosphatase in blood granulocytes was studied in twelve young male volunteers. Following the sleep deprivation, all 12 subjects showed marked reductions of DNA synthesis after(More)
We prospectively followed a cohort of 354 blue-collar men and women, some of whom lost their jobs. Results show marked effects during the anticipatory and early unemployment phase on mental well-being, serum cortisol, prolactin, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and phytohemagglutinin reactivity of lymphocytes. Most of these changes appear to be of(More)