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The authors examined student and faculty opinions regarding the use of detailed learning goals in three courses. Students reported the use of learning goals to be very positive, aiding them with studying, in lectures, and in determining the important material to learn. Likewise, faculty indicated that using learning goals was a positive experience,(More)
In this, our third progress report, we examine our progress from the perspective of our original proposal to the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) Program. We attempt to evaluate whether our original objectives were appropriate; to what extent they have evolved and why; what progress has been made toward those objectives; and evaluate(More)
My thesis argues that a shift has taken place in white supremacist rhetoric post September Buchanan, and identify the attacks of September 11 th as a catalytic event in the history of white supremacist rhetoric. Through careful rhetorical analysis, I identify the 9/11 shift as a shift in placement vis-à-vis the political mainstream. iv DEDICATION This(More)
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