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The memory wall (the gap between processing and storage speeds) remains a concern to computer systems designers. Caches have played a key role in hiding the performance gap by keeping recently ac-cessed information in fast memories closer to the processor. Multi and many core systems are placing severe demands on caches, exacerbating the performance(More)
There is a growing interest in using 3-D DRAM structures and non-volatile memories such as Phase Change Memories (PCM) to both improve access latencies and reduce energy consumption in multi-core systems. These new memory technologies present both opportunities and challenges to computer systems design. In this paper we address how such memories should be(More)
\Adjustment of an inverse matrix corresponding to changes in the elements of a given column or a given row of the original matrix," Ann. 22 large systems. Isospeed scalability is a dimensionless scalar. It is easy to understand and is independent of sequential processing. When an initial speed is chosen, average speed is independent of problem size, system(More)
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