Jared Sheridan

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Integrin alpha 4 beta 1 can mediate both cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix adhesion by binding to either fibronectin or vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 (VCAM-1). Both interactions are important for extravasation of leukocytes from the blood implying that rationally designed inhibitors of alpha 4 beta 1 function may be useful for treating a various(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Although numerous studies have implicated TLR5, or its ligands, bacterial flagellins, in the pathogenesis of Crohn's disease (CD), genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have not reported associations with the TLR5 gene. We aimed to examine potential CD-associated TLR5 variants and assess whether they modified inflammatory(More)
We report a case of chronic ulcerative colitis complicated by clinical evidence of disseminated intravascular coagulation and pathological evidence of intestinal ischaemia secondary to venular and capillary fibrin thrombi. This may well represent an example of univisceral Shwartzman reaction occurring in a sensitized target organ.
Intestinal epithelial cells act as innate immune sentinels, as the first cells that encounter diarrheal pathogens. They use pattern recognition molecules such as the Toll-like receptors (TLRs) to identify molecular signals found on microbes but not host cells or food components. TLRs cannot generally distinguish the molecular signals on pathogenic bacteria(More)
Brainstem projections to hypoglossal motoneurons innervating the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the tongue were determined using the transneuronal transfer of Herpes simplex virus-1. Injections of Herpes simplex virus-1 into the intrinsic muscles of the anterior tongue, the geniohyoid and styloglossus muscles each produced specific patterns of label(More)
A genital HSV-2 infection of guinea pigs and a cutaneous HSV-1 infection in mice were used to examine the ability of antioxidant components CRT1 to reduce lesion development, duration, and severity. CRT is a patented antioxidant formulation developed by Warner-Lambert Worldwide Consumer Healthcare R. and D. CRT contains three components that work(More)
We have evaluated a commercially available reagent, T Lympho-kwik, for ability to provide enriched, functional human T cell populations. We have found that this method is more rapid, reliable and efficient than other available methods of T cell isolation and/or macrophage depletion. Although the T Lympho-kwik-treated peripheral blood mononuclear cells(More)
Previous studies have shown that pretreatment of E. coli with low doses of kanamycin have generated an increase in the resistance to high doses of kanamycin as well as induced cross resistance to a broad range of unrelated antibiotics, and that multiantibiotic-resistant E. coli had lower levels of OmpF porin. In this study, the role of OmpC and OmpF porins(More)
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