Jared S Prisciak

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A series of 3,5-bis(arylidene)-4-piperidones 1 and related N-acryloyl analogues 2 were prepared as candidate cytotoxic agents with a view to discerning those structural features which contributed to bioactivity. A number of the compounds were markedly cytotoxic toward murine P388 and L1210 leukemic cells and also to human Molt 4/C8 and CEM neoplasms.(More)
A number of 1,3-arylidene-2-tetralones 1, 2 and 4 were synthesised and demonstrated cytotoxic activity towards murine P388 and L1210 cells as well as human Molt 4/C8 and CEM T-lymphocytes. In general, the related 1-arylidene-2-tetralones 3 possessed lower potencies in these screens than the compounds in series 1 and 4. Approximately, half of the compounds(More)
Five series of novel compounds were synthesized in order to evaluate the theory of sequential cytotoxicity which seeks to exploit the view that various cancer cells are particularly susceptible to successive attacks by cytotoxic agents. The compounds prepared were various 2-[4-(3-aryl-2-propenoyloxy)phenylmethylene]cyclohexanone s 1 and the related Mannich(More)
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