Jared S. Bakuza

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From January to September, 2005, we collected fecal samples from 60 chimpanzees at Gombe National Park, Tanzania and examined them for parasites. We compared current parasite prevalence data with previous studies to obtain a pattern of parasitism over time. There were considerable similarities in the parasite species composition and prevalence, although we(More)
Data on the extent of the burden due to schistosomiasis is sparse in most Sub-Saharan African countries. However, this data is crucial for triggering medical attention. A review of extent of morbidity and determinants associated with schistosomiasis in Malawi was therefore conducted to quantify the infection in order to concretise the need for medical(More)
Disease and other health hazards pose serious threats to the persistence of wild ape populations. The total chimpanzee population at Gombe National Park, Tanzania, has declined from an estimated 120 to 150 individuals in the 1960's to around 100 individuals by the end of 2013, with death associated with observable signs of disease as the leading cause of(More)
BACKGROUND Schistosoma mansoni is a parasite of major public health importance in developing countries, where it causes a neglected tropical disease known as intestinal schistosomiasis. However, the distribution of the parasite within many endemic regions is currently unknown, which hinders effective control. The purpose of this study was to characterize(More)
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