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Recent studies indicate that mindfulness meditation training interventions reduce stress and improve stress-related health outcomes, but the neural pathways for these effects are unknown. The present research evaluates whether mindfulness meditation training alters resting state functional connectivity (rsFC) of the amygdala, a region known to coordinate(More)
The cognitive skills required for successful academic performance includes self-regulatory functioning, an ability to enact conscious control over thoughts, feelings, and actions. The current studies examined the effects of brief periods of meditation on the academic performance of students at California State University, Northridge. Participants from four(More)
Many conceptual change theories posit that change occurs due to a variety of cognitive, social, and emotional factors (Dole & Sinatra, 1998; Ohlsson, 2011), however, few theories have tested these claims via computational models of conceptual change. In this paper, we present a hierarchical Bayesian model that addresses change processes and their effects on(More)
Problem solving requires the use of higher mental functions, functions that can be improved with training (Brown, Ryan, & Creswell, 2007). The current study examines the effects of meditation on creative problem solving. Participants were undergraduate students (n = 81) who were randomly assigned to meditate or rest. Next, Pp were asked to solve a problem:(More)
Researchers argue that dissatisfaction with a misconception is a prerequisite for adopting an alternative conception and that having clear feedback aids learning. The present study investigated the importance of ambiguity (having response options that support both the misconception and target learning category), falsification, and category induction(More)
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